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University of California, Berkeley, CA, Underhill Parking Structure and Field Replacement
New $40 million parking garage to replace a previous structure built an athletic field on an elevated deck. The new facility encompasses 385,000 square feet and contains 1,000 parking stalls in the 4–level below grade structure and features a new multipurpose field on top at the College Avenue level.

University of California, Berkeley, CA, Centralized Dining and Student Services Building
Provided construction management services for new $30 million, 86,000 square foot facility containing a student dining facility and university administrative office space. The dining facility consolidated and replaced two existing dining halls. The administrative office space allowed the University to consolidate offices from multiple temporary facilities into a single permanent building.

University of California, Berkeley, CA, Silver Laboratory Expansion
New 3–story, 42,000 square foot research facility, built adjacent to the existing Silver Laboratory. The $11 million building features a high–bay laboratory with cranes for the assembly and testing of high–altitude and space payload packages; a wing of laboratories (including clean room) and offices; and a wing containing a meeting/seminar room, library, lounge, and office and support space.

University of California, Berkeley, CA, Walter A. Haas Jr. Pavilion Renovation
Renovation, expansion and seismic upgrade of the former Harmon Gymnasium, built in 1932, to accommodate NCAA Tournaments. The $48 million project increased the seating capacity from 6,600 to 12,000, and added an 8,000 square foot VIP room, new concession areas, expanded conference areas, and improvements in weight and training areas.

University of California, Berkeley, CA, On–Call Contract
Provided preconstruction services as part of an on–call contract for the 2405 square foot, $897,000 renovation of an existing facility for the UC Berkeley Police Department, and the 3400 square foot, $896,000 renovation to the Conference Building at the Richmond Field Station.

University of California, San Francisco, CA, Laurel Heights Office Complex Remodel
Renovation and upgrade of this 5–level, 350,000 square foot historic office complex. Work encompassed complete remodel of three floors, upgrading infrastructure and utility systems, and wiring the entire building with new voice and data network systems. Facility houses administrative and academic units and the Center for Social, Behavioral and Policy Sciences which unites about half of the faculty scientists, doctors, researchers and students working together in one facility. The remodeled facility also features a cafeteria and an 8,000 square foot child care center.

University of California, Davis, CA Coffee House Renovation
Renovation of the existing coffee house that contained two distinct serving areas divided by the kitchen. This $6 million project integrates the two spaces and two different construction types into one unified, coherent space and expands the space by about 2300 square feet for a total of 25,200 square feet encompassing kitchen, food service area and seating areas.

University of California, Davis, CA, Oxford Circle Dining Commons Remodel
Cost estimating services for this 18,430 square foot, two–story wood framed renovation. The $7 million project encompasses demolishing and modernizing a major portion of the interior facility and a portion of the building envelope. The first floor houses all kitchen facilities and food services while the second floor serves as the dining area. First floor renovations include the construction of five new food platform stations and a convenience store. The second floor, reconfigured and expanded, creates a more open dining space, while a portion of the roof becomes an outdoor dining patio. The renovation, designed to achieve LEED Silver Certification, includes HVAC, plumbing and electrical upgrades.

University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA, University Center
Cost estimating services for this new two–story 55,000 square foot University Center designed by Gensler, who created a contemporary design using traditional red brick with large expanses of glass. The $30 million facility features a two–story entry atrium that serves as the University’s primary welcome and information center. Outdoor promenades on both floors provide direct access to the building’s services. The Center houses the bookstore, a student cafe on the lower level and a 500–seat dining facility on the upper level, a mail center and office, conference and event areas.

Chabot College, Hayward, CA, Student Access Center
Cost estimating services for new two–story, 56,000 square foot facility to consolidate student services on campus. The $34.5 million facility will serve as a new welcoming gateway portal to the campus, being highly visible from the Campus core and Hesperian Boulevard.

Chabot College, Hayward, CA, Planetarium and Lecture Halls Renovation
Cost estimating services for this $3.2 million renovation and modernization of the planetarium and its associated lecture halls. Considered the jewel of the campus, the planetarium needed to be ADA accessible and the lecture halls updated for high technology and for multimedia rich educational experiences.

West Valley–Mission College Community College District, Saratoga, CA, Information Sciences Building
Cost estimating services for the new 14,100 square foot, two–story structure to house the College District’s Information Services group. The $9.8 million facility includes an upgraded data center, designed to handle the District’s growth needs for many years. The building incorporates many sustainable design concepts including proper building orientation, efficient lighting and mechanical systems, natural daylighting for energy conservation and improved work environment, and low VOC materials use.

West Valley College, Saratoga, CA, Aquatic Center
Cost estimating services for the $7.7 million reconstruction of the existing pool and new construction of the dressing room and restroom facility.

West Valley College, Saratoga, CA, Science and Mathematics Addition
Cost estimating services for the $5.6 million, 6,300 square foot addition that includes three new science laboratories for natural history, cells–micro, and anatomy/physiology. The project also includes additional storage and preparation rooms for each laboratory. The addition will provide increased capacity for science instruction and allow instructional continuity in this department during reconstruction of the entire Mathematics and Science Building.

West Valley College, Saratoga, CA, Fox Technology Center
New 2–story, 30,000 square foot facility designed to support a flexible academic environment. The Center contains instructional computing and distance learning in its classrooms as well as a 100–seat lecture hall. The $21.9 million facility creates a new western gateway to the college.

Vista College, Berkeley, CA, New Campus
Preconstruction services for Vista Community College’s new campus, a 6–story, 160,000 square foot contemporary building in downtown Berkeley. The project was designed to LEED and Prop 47 energy standards. The $47 million facility includes 35 classrooms, 10 laboratories, a multimedia and animation studio, bookstore, and a 225–seat auditorium.

San Mateo County Community College District, San Mateo, CA, Modernization Program
Provided program management services for the District’s $270 million capital improvements program that includes new construction, renovation, modernization, seismic, and fire and life safety improvements for the District’s three campuses: Canada College, College of San Mateo, and Skyline College. Nearly 100 different projects scheduled over five years.

College of Marin, Kentfield, CA, Diamond Physical Education Center Modernization
Cost estimating and constructibility review services for the $15.5 million renovation and modernization of the physical education center. Project includes a new gym floor, new roof, new lighting, new HVAC systems, renovation of the entire gym, ADA upgrades, solar thermal to heat the pool, and reconfiguration of locker rooms to provide equal space for men and women. The modernized center features photovoltaic technology to provide half of the electrical energy required for the facility.

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