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Chinese Hospital

Chinese Hospital, San Francisco, CA
1) Demolition and remodeling of 6,000 SF of kitchen and food service equipment to the state of the art kitchen for the value of $4,805,000

2) Preconstruction and construction services for the renovation of the 5th floor endoscopy surgery suite, a 3,000 square foot area containing reception, operating and recovery rooms, and negative pressure treatment and infusion rooms. Construction on this $1,200,000 renovation was performed while the hospital remained open and operational.

3) New state of the art 88 bed hospital; 100,000 SF, 8 Stories, imaging department, 4 surgical rooms 8 OR Rooms, IC Rooms, Pharmacy. $109,889,000 construction budget. Validation of estimate that was provided by the CM GC firm. MicroEstimating provided a detailed comprehensive estimate for concrete frame and drywall as well as general conditions validation.

Kaiser Permanente, Vallejo, Hospital Renovation
Provided preconstruction and construction services for the renovation and upgrade of the existing hospital. The $16 million project encompassed three floors of the 7–story facility and included new HVAC system, new utilities and life safety upgrades. All work performed while the hospital remained fully operational.

Kaiser Permanente, Vallejo, CA, Master Plan
Provided the master plan for a $230 million upgrade and expansion at the Vallejo facility. It encompassed site work, upgrading the existing hospital, constructing new high rise towers and a new central plant. Project scheduled for completion in 2008.

Kaiser Shadelands

Kaiser Permanente Shadelands Medical Center, Walnut Creek, CA, Medical Office Building
Preconstruction and construction management/general contracting services for an $11.2 million phased project to convert office buildings into medical office space. The first phase encompassed a 90,000 square foot renovation of three low–rise office buildings into medical office space to house a pharmacy, diagnostic imaging facility, clinical EKG laboratory, and the physical therapy and obstetrics/gynecology departments. The second phase entailed tenant improvements to a 20,000 square foot area to house the optometry and ophthalmology departments.

Kaiser Permanente Richmond Medical Center, Richmond CA, Operating Room Expansion
Cost estimating services for Phase 2 work, which includes code upgrades and renovation of existing operating rooms and the post anesthesia care unit along with tenant improvements for patient dressing rooms and a new waiting room. Phase 3 includes renovation of the existing Sterile Processing Department area. Under a separate contract, we are providing estimating services for tenant improvements to the Pathology Laboratory. These two projects encompass approximately 4000 square feet in the medical center.

Kaiser Richmond 
	Medical Center

Kaiser Permanente Richmond Medical Center, Richmond CA, 22–Bed Expansion
Cost Estimating services for a $22 million renovation covering 30,000 SF of space. This was phased work which included upgrades of numerous MOB functions and the entire HVAC and electrical systems. The areas included in the renovation of the emergency department, material management, ultrasound, med/surgical units, inpatient pharmacy, physical therapy, administration and sleep rooms were also renovated and expanded in the main hospital, medical office building and leased space.

Kaiser Permanente Richmond Medical Center, Richmond CA, Radiology Suite Remodel
Interventional Radiology Suite Remodel ($2.6 Million budget)

University of California – MicroEstimating has held annual contracts to provide preconstruction services with the University of California San Francisco Medical Center.
We’ve completed over 30 contracts at UCSF Medical Center and San Francisco Moffett Hospital including medical offices, hospital labs, research facilities and hospitals with projects ranging from $500,000 to $8 million.

Childrens Hospital 

UC San Francisco Children’s Hospital, San Francisco, CA
Renovations of the Fluoroscopy Room 350 and Orthoscopy Room 326 for two new MRI unit replacements. The work encompassed remodeling of the existing rooms, including demolition, new finishes, and a mechanical, electrical and plumbing upgrade to accommodate the new MRI units, one from Siemens and one from GE.


University of California Medical Center, Parnassus Campus, San Francisco, Seismic Replacement Building
Provided preconstruction and construction management services for this $43 million, 85,000 square foot, 5–story animal care facility that supports a variety of research programs including cancer, AIDS, immunology and diabetes. The facility includes significant automation and robotic technology to improve the quality of animal care.

University of California Medical Center, Parnassus Campus, San Francisco, Biomedical Research Facility Renovation
Renovation of a 70,000 square foot former library space encompassing two buildings into a state–of–the–art biomedical research facility. The $21 million project included a third building, the 7,000 square foot School of Nursing, where two large lecture halls and a new dining facility were added.

University of California Medical Center, Parnassus Campus, San Francisco, Automated Pharmacy
Cost estimating services for renovation of 5,000 square feet of an existing pharmacy to create an automated robotic pharmacy. Project included selective demolition, new finishes, and mechanical and electrical upgrades that incorporated transmitters within the corridors to create a passageway for two robots to deliver medicine from the pharmacy to the basement by crossing the hallway and accessing the elevator.

Helen Diller Family Research Building UCSF Mission Bay

University of California, San Francisco, Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center Research Building
Cost estimating services for the redundant system to power critical loads for the new cancer research facility at the Mission Bay campus. The new 162,000 square foot facility, designed by Rafael Vinoly, includes 46 laboratories, full and half–floor research pavilions, technology center, offices, and meeting and conference facilities. The facility will support 414 researchers applying the newest biomedical advances to cancer in state–of–the–art laboratories.

University of California Medical Center, Mt. Zion Campus, San Francisco, Biomedical Facility
New 5–story biomedical research and office facility. The $30 million, 115,000 square foot facility includes biomedical research and research support space on four full floors above grade and a state–of–the–art animal care facility in the basement.

University of California San Francisco Children's Hospital, San Francisco
Renovations of the Fluoroscopy Room 350 and Orthoscopy Room 326 for two new MRI unit replacements. The work encompassed remodeling of the existing rooms, including demolition, new finishes, and a mechanical, electrical and plumbing upgrade to accommodate the new MRI units, one from Siemens and one from GE.

Hillcrest Seismic Improvements UCSD Medical Center

Hillcrest Seismic Improvements, UC San Diego
Preconstruction services for seismic upgrades to the pedestrian bridge on campus. The majority of the utilities that serve the main hospital at Hillcrest are suspended beneath the bridge. The $5 million project will upgrade the lateral force resistance capacity of the existing bridge.

University of California Medical Center, Hillcrest, San Diego, Chiller Plant Upgrade
Provided cost estimating services for the upgrade of the central chiller plant. Project encompassed replacing existing chiller plant with a prefabricated steel structure, approximately 100 x 50 x 22, and all related mechanical, electrical and plumbing work.

University of California Medical Center, Irvine, MC Clinical Laboratory Replacement Building
Conceptual estimating services for the demolition associated with planned design-build of a new 48,000 gross square foot laboratory and office facility.

RAD Imaging Equipment Replacement and Remodeling, UC Davis
The project at University of California, Davis Medical Center included a two phase remodel needed to replace the existing angiographic imaging system with new Siemens Interventional Radiology equipment including two bi-plane Artis C systems and one single plane Robotic Zee Go systems. Work included the removal of existing imaging equipment, modifications to the mechanical and electrical systems, the installation of new Siemens Imaging equipment and related devices. The support spaces included removal of darkroom equipment in an adjacent room and the installation of scrub sinks and other tenant improvements. The new interventional room provided both inpatient and outpatient procedures.

Hoover Pavilion 

Hoover Pavilion, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
Preconstruction services for the $53 million renovation and upgrade of the 5-story historically significant Hoover Pavilion, originally a hospital building. The facility will serve as a medical office building to accommodate private practice physicians being relocated from 1101 Welch Road. The 85,000 square foot facility will undergo extensive renovation and upgrades to meet the needs of its new tenants for medical offices, laboratory facilities, and surgery suites.

Stanford University Medical Center, Palo Alto, New Hospital and Seismic Upgrade
New 450,000 square foot hospital and seismic upgrade and renovation of 110,000 square feet of existing hospital, a $110 million project. The new, 4–story facility contains a 20–room surgical suite, consolidates clinical laboratories, magnetic resonance imaging center, and adult intensive care units.

Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital, Palo Alto, CA, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Remodel
Cost Estimating services for the renovation of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. The work included replacement of headwall units, finishes, casework, and upgrades of the HVAC, electrical, and medical gas systems.

Contra Costa Regional Medical Center

Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, Martinez, CA, Renovation
Worked with the design team to study various configurations for converting patient rooms from the Psychiatric Unit to the Medical Surgical Unit. Studies ranged from a 20 bed to a 30–bed conversion, with the larger number including an addition to match the existing hospital rooms. The 10,000 square foot renovation included demolitions, new partitions, new finishes, fire sprinklers, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, fire alarm, life safety and medical gases.

Contra Costa County Regional Medical Center, Martinez, CA, Automated Laboratory
Renovation of an existing laboratory space to create an automated laboratory of approximately 500 square feet on the third floor of the laboratory building behind the main hospital facility. The work involved demolition of the existing interior to create an open space to house the new automated equipment. The new $2 million laboratory is fully sprinklered with life safety systems and features new acoustical ceilings and a chemical resistant flooring system.

Contra Costa County Regional Medical Center, Martinez, CA
Lab remodel ($500K budget)

Wellness Center 

Wellness Center, Contra Costa County Regional Medical Center, Martinez, CA
The Wellness Center project is a 9,600 square foot, new single story facility. This project is located across from the Contra Costa Regional Medical Center. The design build project construction budget was estimated at $5.9 Million

Childrens Hospital Oakland Research

Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute, Oakland, CA, Renovation and Seismic Upgrade
Renovation and seismic upgrade of a 13,000 square foot area to create a state–of–the–art research laboratory. The facility is located in an historic building complex. The project preserved the character of the complex, including preserving and salvaging historic building materials and components.

Veterans Affairs Substance Abuse Treatment Facility, Menlo Park, CA
New construction of a 150,000 square foot, 7–building complex for treatment of alcohol and substance abuse, a $26 million project.

VA Hospital Mather

VA Hospital, Building 700, Fourth Floor, Mather, CA
This project was 20,000 SF of remodeling, transforming patient rooms into state of art patient rooms over the course of three phases. Project value: over $4 Million.

VA Med Ctr San Francisco

VA Hospital, Operating Room Expansion, San Francisco, CA
This VA project was 12,000 SF of the remodeling at buildings 200 and 203, creating a new state of the art operating room expansion, including Robotic O.R. rooms and all associated Mechanical and Electrical upgrades.

Genentech Cell 
   Culture Plant.png.jpg

Genentech, Vacaville, CA, Cell Culture Plant 2
Cost estimating services for the 450,000 square foot expansion, making it the largest biotechnology fermentation facility of its kind in the world. Project added a new manufacturing facility and a new infill building along with doubling the size of the central utility plant and expanding an existing warehouse and spine.

Gilead Sciences

Gilead Sciences, Foster City, CA, Master Plan
Provided a 5–year master plan for this corporate research campus, estimated at $60 million, that includes administrative and manufacturing facilities, chemical laboratories, warehousing and 30,000 square feet of ancillary buildings.
MicroEstimating also worked on tenant improvement projects including a pilot plant and GMP storage facility and new data center.

New Oros Mfg Alza Corp

Alza Corporation, Vacaville, CA, New Oros Manufacturing Facility Master Plan
Provided a new master plan for a proposed $215 million expansion at Alza’s Vacaville facility. The project encompasses a 160,000 square foot pharmaceutical manufacturing facility including a 30,000 square foot administrative building; 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility; 10,000 square feet of laboratories; 30,000 square feet of warehousing; and 30,000 square feet of other buildings with the associated site improvements and validation package.

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